Doherty’s War & Against the Ropes REBORN!

Doherty's War & Against the Ropes Cover Image

My friends (and now colleagues) at Wolfpack Publishing have put together a killer cover in a bundle of two of my earliest Noir Novellas. DOHERTY’S WAR is the origin story of our favorite downtrodden detective Charlie Doherty and his experiences in combat in World War I. The story, which was previously published by Down and Out Books as THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD, is about Charlie’s participation in that famous, bloody battle that forged the reputation of The United States Marine Corps as one of the most lethal fighting forces in the world.

The novella is packed with plenty of action, memorable characters and serves as a nice introduction to Doherty, who goes on to play an important role in much of my future fiction.

We see Charlie again in the second novella: AGAINST THE ROPES. Here, we meet Terry Quinn in 1925, back when he’s still a contender for the heavyweight championship of the world. The road to the top is never easy and Quinn finds himself up against some of the most powerful, most ruthless people in Manhattan. He finds himself in the fight of his life, both inside and outside the ring, and quickly discovers that not all his opponents wear boxing gloves. Will he risk it all to have it all, or find himself at odds with The Duke of New York, Archie Doyle himself? It’s a story rich with actual historical characters including Texas Guinan (the mentor of Mae West), Jack Johnson, Jimmy Walker and several others.

Those of you who have followed my career know that Quinn later goes on to be the main character and Irish mob enforcer in the award-winning novel PROHIBITION, which will also be republished by Wolfpack soon.

This set will be available in both print and e-book formats in October. The print edition is available for pre-order now by clicking here.

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