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I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve decided to have my first podcast serve as a preamble. Why not just dive into it and start covering the topics I want to discuss? I started this way because I think the listener deserves to know what I’m doing and why. It’s not a vanity project for me, even though I plan on starting to talk about my novels at first.

I’m starting this way because I’ve had a lot of writers and readers ask me how I am able to move from one genre to the next. I’ve had several writers say they were planning on writing westerns, so I’m going to discuss the rewards and challenges I’ve experienced in spanning several genres.

I wouldn’t call it a masterclass because I don’t think anyone can really teach someone how to write. They either have a knack for it or they don’t. A bad writer can get better if they want to work at it, but not everyone wants to do that.

The podcasts about my work are about my writing journey because I hope writers of all levels can glean some knowledge from my successes and my mistakes. I want people to learn from my experience so they can use it as a way to shape their own writing experiences. My podcasts are designed to show, not just tell. They’re designed to validate whatever experience a writer has and, perhaps, help them along the way.

I’ve also learned that readers enjoy learning about the story behind the story. The reasons why a particular book came about and why it was written a certain way.

It’s not going to be all about me. As I get deeper into podcasting, it’s my hope that I’ll be able to attract a whole host of different writers from different genres to talk about their experiences and offer advice where they can.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and give me your feedback so I can make each episode as entertaining as possible. You can always reach me at terrence@terrencemccauley.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

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